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Official Mx Player For Pc Free Download - Latest version

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MX Player For Pc: Hello, Everyone is a lover of music and watching live shows, comedy's, movies etc.... And all of them searched for the application for high quality and enormous features. There are many applications in a market for video players like VLC  media player, windows viewer etc.. But in Android mobiles MX Player is largely used. We only used the MX Player application in mobile phones. But people want to use the MX Player For PC too. If you want to use MX Player in your Personal Computer stay on this page and read it till the end carefully.
Mx Player For Pc Free Download
Mx Player For Pc Free Download
MX Player For Pc is the beloved application and comfortable for use and this application support the file format 'Blueray', 'MKV', 'MP4', 'AVI'. MX Player for the personal computer was not officially released yet. But don't worry we have the alternative method to using the MX Player in Windows 7/8/8.1/10. If you want to install MX Player For Pc, you need Android Emulator on your PC.

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Features of MX Player:- 

Mostly all of them wants the safest application and must see the benefits and features of the application used. Lets we discuss some features of MX Player for PC,
  • You can be converted any file types and it supports any formats like 'mkv', 'amv', 'BlueRay', 'mp4' etc..
  • You have the zoom option in MX player and increase the volume using scroll button.
  • MX player for PC has the high-quality picture to view and you can easily integrate with social network and also can share it on the web.
  • It is very comfortable to use and you also have the subtitle format, you can see any language movie in MX player
  • You can watch the HD files on your PC without necessary of your phone 
features of MX Player
features of MX Player

Advanced Features:

  • HARDWARE ACCELERATION - Hardware acceleration can be applied one are more video support formats new HW+ decode
  • MULTI-CORE DECODING - MX Player is the first Android video player. This Mx Player for PC support Multicore Decoding.& Single core Decoding the test results 80% better than single-core devices.
advanced features
advanced features
  • PINCH TO ZOOM, ZOOM, AND PAN - Easily zoom in and zoom out on Hd Video.
  • SUBTITLE GESTURES - Scroll forward/backward to move to next/previous text, to compatible size
  • KIDS LOCK - Password Protect.
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How to install Mx player for PC:-

Free Download Mx player For PC:-

Mx player is the one of the best Smart Phone Video Player Application on Andriod Market.it's support the Windows PC

Mx Player
Free Download Mx Player
Mx Player For Pc is the free software and open video & media application.This  Application is Available major operating system including Linux, Unix-like and other mac OS systems & android.

The best Browser in 2018 Opera Mini for PC

How to Install MX Player For PC Free Download Windows 7/8/8.1/10:-

As I told you before, If you want MX player for PC, you have to install Bluestack Android Emulator on your PC. Bluestack Emulator is the software used to run the android application on your PC. Follow below steps properly to install the MX player on your desktop,
Free Download Bluestack
Step 1: First, you have to download the setup file Bluestack Android Emulator on your desktop.

Download Bluestack
Download Bluestack
Step 2: After that open, the setup files and install the Bluestack app on your desktop.

open the play store
open the play store
Step 3: Now, open the Bluestack and Go to search box and type MX player on their

MX player
MX player
Step 4: If you do not get that app, Click the Play store option for installing the MX player.
Step 5: You have to create an account on play store option. Then log in and install the application.
Step 6: Next, select the proper version of MX player and click to install the MX player application on your desktop. It takes some time.
open and play the mx player
open and play the mx player

Step 7: Now, open the MX player with Bluestack Android Emulator and enjoy your Mx player on PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10.

New Update For Mx player on 2017:-

The Mx Player For Pc  Application Team finally announced For available  Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 personal computer and Laptops. Download link is given below

Mx player support Windows 8.1& 10
Mx player support Windows 8.1& 10

Mx player Subtitle formats:

  1. - DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS subtitle tracks.
  2. - SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.ass) with full styling.
  3. - SAMI(.smi) with Ruby tag support.
  4. - SubRip(.srt)
  5. - MicroDVD(.sub)
  6. - VobSub(.sub/.idx)
  7. - SubViewer2.0(.sub)
  8. - MPL2(.mpl)
  9. - TMPlayer(.txt)
  10. - Teletext
  11. - PJS(.pjs)
  12. - WebVTT(.vtt)

Latest Update MX Player New Version:-

    Android 4.4:
Mx player QR code
Mx player QR code
  • MX Player Pro 1.8.16
  • MX Player Pro 1.8.16 (NEON)
  • MX Player Pro 1.8.16 (x86)
Android 2.1 - 3.2:


Here finally you have your favorite Mx media player on your desktop. Now you can able to enjoy the MX player for PC. I hope that you must satisfy with this application. If you love this MX player share this information with your friends and your social network. Thank you for visiting this blog☺...

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MX Player for PC download 

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Download MX Player AC3 & DTS Custom Codec

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Mx Player AC3 & DTS Custom Codec: We all are successfully moving into the 21st Century now and we are totally modernized. In this 21st Century, even a child can Watch the movie and Hear a Music. We all hear a song while we are in sad or in Happiness anything else. So, Music plays an important part in our life today. For enjoying the Music we must want the world's best Media player. Mx Player AC3 is the wonderful media player. We all like to watch movies and hearing songs with high quality. Mx player supports all the video formats like AVI, FLV, MP4 etc... Mx player supports all the devices like PC/Laptop/Android Phone...
Enable AC3 & Dts Custom Codec
Enable AC3 & Dts Custom Codec

Free Download of Mx Player For Codec AC3 & DTS:

Mx player for codec is the beloved application. It plays video and audio with high quality and good sound effects. And the best feature is Mx Player AC3 can support video with subtitle option. For the few days, Mx player was not supported by AC3 and DTS media files because of some issues. That is you cannot view and hear while play AC3 and DTS files on MX player DTS. But don't worry, there is an alternative solution for using the AC3 and DTS type files on Mx Player AC3. For that, first of all, you have to update the latest version of Mx Player AC3 application. After that read and follow the below steps,
Download Mx Player for Codec
Download Mx Player for Codec
Must Check: Mx player for pc
Step 1: After you update the latest version of Mx player for codec, you must download the codec pack in your relevant browser. That codec pack contains all the format of music and video to support.

Download Mx player codec
Download Mx player codec

Step 2: For your convenient, you can download the Zip file format of codec pack for Mx Player AC3.

Download Mx player codec 1.7.32
Download Mx player codec 1.7.32

Step 3: After Installation, the Mx player for codec get restarted Mx player codec.

Mx player ac3 setup
Mx player ac3 setup

Step 4: Now, GOTO Settings->Decoder->Custom Codec,Mx Player AC3,mx player codec. 
Now, the installation process getting over.

Mx player AC3 Settings
Mx player AC3 Settings

Mx Player AC3 Free Download:

Mx player is the one of the best Video Player application.The latest Mx Player AC3 &Dts effects Different types of codec the download link given below  Mx Player AC3 & DTS Custom Codec.Then 70% Android users using Mx player in 2017 this year.This the Best smartphone Video Player Mx Player AC3.
Download Mx Player 
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Mx Player AC3 & DTS Custom Codec (Apk & Zip) Download:

Custom Codec for MX Player 1.7.32:

Custom Codec for MX Player 1.8.0:

MX Player APK Codec Files for Android 2.3 – 5.1:

MX Player Custom Codec Apk Files Download:

Now, you guys can enjoy your favourite music and video with AC3 nad DTS format in high quality and good sound effects. Finally, I think that the issues with Ac3 and DTS in Mx player is cleared now. I hope you get an useful information from this page. Thank you guys for staying in this page. Mx Player AC3 & DTS Custom Codec (Apk & Zip) Download (200%Working)

Mx Player AC3 is also available for

MX Player AC3 Mac Pc (Mx player codec)
MX Player AC3 for iPad

MX Player for Mobile Devices

 Mx Player AC3 Apk for Android
 Mx Player AC3 for iOS
 Mx Player AC3 & DTS Custom Codec for Windows Phone

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Download Mx Player for ios / ipad / iphone - Latest Upadate

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Mx Player for iOS Free Download: Hello guys... Today, in this article we are going to discuss one interesting application. In this 21 st century, even a baby like to hear music and watch videos with a smile. Now, watching movies and videos are main hobbies of youngsters too. Mx player is the one of the best application for all smartphones. All of them need the best application with high-quality features. Many Android users are mostly going with the Mx player for ios movies and videos.
Mx player for ios supports all the files like .avi, .mp4, .flv, Blueray, .mkv, .3gp etc... You also can increase the brightness and can zoom the pictures while watching. Stay and read this article continuously if u want Mx Player for iOS Free Download (iPhone/iPad).
Mx Player For iOS
Mx Player For iOS

Latest update Mx player for ios free Download:

Mx player for ios is the having more than 4 Million customers now using.Now  "Mx player for ios"
will play an important role in your ios device.Mx video player is the best video player for the iPhone and iPad in iTunes market.This Mx player support for the youtube live video streaming in your ios device it's free application.
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Free Download of Mx Player for iPhone/iPad:

Mx player for ios is the high-quality application for watching movies and videos. Unfortunately, Mx player was not available for iOS (iPhone/iPad) on the Apple app store officially. But there is an alternative application for iPhone and iPad users.  One of the best alternative and similar app is Mx player for PC. Don't get panic guys. I also suggest you some relevant application for better use. Some of them are,
Mx Player for iPhone/iPad
Mx Player for iPhone/iPad
Must Check: Mx player AC3 Codec
iTunes: iTunes is the best way to organize and enjoy your favorite movies and videos mx player for ios. It is the media player, media library, online radio broadcaster. Through this iTunes store, you can buy and download movies, favorite music, tv shows available on iPhone. All the videos and movies you buy are immediately available then the iTune store contains millions of music and movies to download. So, you may go with it.

AVPlayer HD: It is a simple and reliable player. This application nearly supports all the formats without any crashes. Also, this AVPlayer supports gestures and some configuring options. But it doesn't have advanced features to support. Although, this is the better player for iPhone or iPad users Mx player for ios.

VLC media player: VLC is the very simple, most versatile, stable and high-quality media player. The vlc media player supports many audio and video file formats. You can watch the videos in any language using the subtitle option. VLC is also available in apple app store for iPhone/ iPad users. It is a simple interface and ability to use in any format like MPEG, AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4 etc... You also go with this application Mx player for ios.

Features of Mx Player for iOS (iPhone/iPad):

  • CHRISTMAS based topics and numerous more brilliant new subjects included 
  • Play HD recordings utilizing Youtube spilling 
  • User can search, change country, popular videos, history some more 
  • Enjoy the best music recordings from your most loved craftsmen on YouTube 
  • Different Themes for video player are accessible mx player for ios 
  • Support various arrangements of record
  • Playback: It supports and play any media files like .3pg, .avi, mp4, .flv etc. Also, supports Advanced Hardware Accelerated decoding mx player for ios.
  • Easy User Interface: Easy for folder list, tags subtitles and maintains resume position for every movie.
Mx player for ios
Mx player for ios
  • Subtitles: It supports the subtitle formats like DVD, MicroDVD, .pjs etc.. And gestures like scroll option for change the video position and also zoom in and out the text.
  • Screen: Drag the screen horizontally for change playback and drag vertically for sound control or brightness and double tap for play/ pause the video.
  • Kids lock: If you afraid of children while you leaving the video in pause condition. Use this app to prevent it.
  • Switching Audio Track: The Audio track will be changed automatically while playing any videos or music Mx player for ios.

MX Player is also available: 

MX Player for Mac PC
MX Player for iPad

MX Player for Mobile Devices:

MX Player Apk for Android
MX Player for Windows Phone

I hope that you must have an idea about the alternative application of Mx player for ios,iPhone or iPad. Go to any one of the above application for enjoying the movies on iPhone. Thank you.....

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SHAREit For PC download for Windows XP /Vista /7 /8 /8.1 /10

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SHAREit For PC Download: With hands on the smartphones, (SHAREit For PC Windows) we would come across many applications from the store. SHAREit For PC Download. Sharing or transferring of data is simple with the invention of file-sharing applications. 

SHAREit for Windows PC is the best record sharing application; It is an easy to understand application, so it is anything but difficult to utilize. 

Shareit for pc download
Shareit for pc download
There are lots of apps available and one needs to choose the right app. SHAREit For Windows is the best-known file transferring app available in the Play Store. It is an Android application with which made file transfers easy. Sharing data is never made simple without the invention of SHAREit. In precise, this blog deals all about download SHAREit For Windows PC

One must have file sharing application for any desktop is the SHAREit. SHAREit for PC version satisfies all your sharing needs. Transfer data from or to desktop within seconds now quickly by downloading the SHAREit app for PC free. Get into to know more about SHAREit for Windows PC, features of SHAREit app and steps to free download SHAREit for PC from this article.

By tapping the connection beneath you can download SHAREit For Windows 7, SHAREit For Windows 8/8.1, SHAREit For Windows 10 

Tap the download connect underneath to download SHARE it for PC. Download SHAREit for Windows 10 PC 

Download SHAREit For PC Using BlueStacks guide: 

You need an Android emulator introduced to run an Android application. BlueStacks is the best Android application player accessible for PCs. Download BlueStacks from the official connection before downloading SHAREit. 
Download shareit for pc
Download shareit for pc
Stage 1: Install the BlueStacks on your desktop once it downloaded. 
Stage 2: Open BlueStacks application player on your PC. 
Stage 3: Go to seek symbol in the BlueStacks application and sort SHAREit.
Stage 4: Click on the look symbol to scan for the application from Play Store
Stage 5: Now the rundown of applications accessible from the store alongside SHAREit will be appeared. 
Stage 6: Click on the SHAREit symbol to begin downloading the app. SHAREit For PC.

Presently go to MyApps area in the BlueStacks application, and you could discover SHAREit introduced on your desktop. Tap on the SHAREit application to begin sharing the information between gadgets.

Features of shareit for pc free download

As a sharing application, SHAREit for PC is very quick and creative, that accompanies some propelled highlights. How about we investigate the highlights of SHAREit. 

The one major purpose of the SHAREit pc application is that it has an intrinsic capacity to get and exchange a major record, here and there an enormous one as well. 

The client can associate the gadget consequently with when they are in extend. 

SHAREit pc application can send records including music records like MP3, WAV, and WMV, alongside the video records like MKV, AVI, MP4 and even the Flash-based FLV, photographs in document arranges that incorporate GIF and JPEG, contact records and archive records including DOC and Excel records.

SHAREit is made with some refreshed advances that assistance the gadgets that have the SHAREit application introduced consequently recognize each other when they are in extend. 

SHAREit sends records over Wi-Fi availability without utilizing Bluetooth that just proposes that the client will have the capacity to spare the valuable battery life. 

The new application bolsters the comparable exchange convention like the deluge locales. A major scrape is separated into various parts, and after that they are spilled over yonder. 

SHAREit has an awesome power, and that is its speed. It is speedy to the point that you can likewise send these records more than 40 times the rates of current standard Bluetooth systems. 

Presently SHAREit for pc offers you the component which will capable you to share documents between 5 unique clients in the meantime, making it quicker and less demanding to exchange records between clients when you are in a gathering. 

The best part is SHAREit application does not require any web association with run, so it is completely allowed to utilize. 

SHAREit application underpins an extensive variety of gadgets like Android, tablets, iPhone, iPad, and even Windows PCs. 

SHAREit APK for pc underpins Lower forms as well, similar to Android 2.2 and upper variants.

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